Only in Bali the lilac skies, the care-free monkeys, the delicious 1€ dinners, the swimming pools, the raucous clubs, the alcohol-filled Christmases;

Only in Bali the hawkers and touts, « you need transport? Taxi taxi? », selling every single thing you could ask for, « umbrella? cheap cheap! sunglasses? I give you good price! », with outstanding flexibility, « you fly back tomorrow! you need transport? accomodation? you want to go diving? you want to see dolphin? You want firework? Merry Christmas, yes yes »;

Only in Bali the dodgy-looking public buses, the lovely yet trash-filled beaches, the art of ceaseless bargaining, the beautiful wood and stone bungalows, the colourful Hindu processions, the family-run homestays;

The sunsets, the wonders, the slow pace – only in Bali

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